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Sunday, March 20, 2005

news are always bringers of emotions

the september 11 incident moved our hearts and stirred mindsets, made people think.. that we could be hit by terrorism anytime, even the US, the strongest nation, got hit by planes.

the bali bombing incident made us even more cautious, it goes to show that terrorism can take place even nearby regionally

the arrests of the likely bombers of Yishun MRT shook us.. and made us better Singaporeans as we became more vigilant to any suspicious activities.


the tsunami incident that wiped out millions of lives, and destroyed many homes and broke families, reminds us, that indeed.. life is precious..

also.. most similarly, a form of natural disaster has occured, although i think its the work of terrorism. i smell a conspiracy too.

for all of your infos. the chalets are ALL fully booked. EVERY DAMN CHALET THAT I CAN THINK OF. yes. no. your not seeing gibberish.

sorry sorry
sorry guys.. me and mel, checked out everything , tried every possible thing.. but i guess, we were too last minute. ARGH. damn it, how on earth could such a thing happen ? . bah.. sorry guys..
couldnt get your some chill time places.


sorry again for the sixth time
any other ideas ?

please dont kill me. or mel. rmb ? life is precious.

-ur exGPREP-


Crew of 04a04/06| 7:36 PM