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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

First, there was the Star Wars. After the evolution of times, something new gradually surfaced - The Flame Wars.

It appears some people love to insult other people's dignity and degrade them to new lows(especially with anonymity in tag boards). Must seem pretty cool to you readers, i imagine, but here's what i sincerely and honestly think.

By flaming and hurling insults . . .

1. You appear like a retard/moron/jackass/bastard/asshole/imbecile with too much time on your hands. Hey, the lawn needs mowing, the floors need sweeping and the toilet needs cleaning, so why not make yourself useful?

2. As aptly pointed out by someone, you flame with "unpolished language", which is pathetic because you point out other people's flaws without rectifying the main problem - YOURSELF.

3. Before ever going on the internet again, you need to attend grammar courses that will shape up your language and not make you part of the social group called "useless trash" a.k.a. shit. You should start typing again when u can form a coherent sentence with no fundamental grammar errors.

4. You demonstrate your immense insecurity. You take pleasure in other people's misery, but please, you are more dirty, flithy and disgusting. Even the rodents will be terribly ashamed of you.

5. Last piece of kind advice, GO FUCK YOURSELF =) Ooooh it comes with a free smiley btw!

Yours truly from the bottom of my heart,

Crew of 04a04/06| 5:41 PM