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Friday, March 11, 2005

Friends, classmates, comrades

The world as we know it is coming to an end. Various evidences have shown that this is true ranging from the advance in technology to the rise in terrorism and others that we can possibly think of. The emergence of these "signs" strikes fear in our hearts as they have impossibly shown us the approaching of the end of times. However, none is as terrible as this sign which has occured in the very heart of Pioneer Junior College. The end of times say that a moron, or more precisely known as "homounabletoerectus Sapienormorelikelymuthafarkerus" in scientific terms, shall one day win in a singing competition that he should not have been selected in the first place. This "anti-idol" will even beat other true performers for the 3rd place and will even be delusional enough to feel that he deserved it. Another arguable sign is that he will be known as "the camper" in sports such as soccer, aiming to stand beside true greats such as Sheerfeqiue the Great and Melvinus the Miracle Worker. He will only know how to kick balls which is described as making the ball go to astronomical heights. It is fortold that he will never score. The end of times has described him by a name as the (g)Astronomical man. He has four eyes and deadly short spikes as hair.
This prophecy has finally been fullfilled!!! Astro (Note the resemblance to Astronomical man) has won the talenite competition, securing third place and beating true performers such as Nisa the Siren. He wears spectacles (note the four eyes) and has spiky hair. He camps near the goalpost not to score but to cause the ball to go to astronomical heights beyond the net. Through his victory, it is obvious that the end of the world is neigh... Let us all hope that this "anti-idol" does not revel in this so called glorious victory... We must be vigilant and always remember the true performers and those who were supposed to win the glory. May the judges of the talentnite be wise to excavate their ears next time and hear what they have misheard. May we not go through this terrible sign again for truly it is a sign of the end of times...

Yours truly...
The Redeemed Paladin

Crew of 04a04/06| 11:13 PM