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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Today was my scariest day of my life.

It just goes to provide more evidence and proof that my hair must grow back lest I endanger my life again. I was walking home today after meeting my best friend to send some stuff. While walking below the void deck, I was approached by four individuals which I shall not mention their schools/instituition that they belong to so as not to taint the reputation of the school/instituition.

Immeadiately, I was hurled expletives which I sound similar to "lunchbox", "cheesebun", "duck". To my shock and horror, I tried to be civilised and talk my way out of this sticky situation. The response I received was a bear hug from one of the individuals while the leader of the individuals informed me that I shouldn't have "pissed" his friend. Seeing that this event would lead to violent acts upon me, I quickly sent my elbow that was eagerly lusting for the individual's face, who was giving me a bear hug ,behind me. I was released from his sweaty embrace and proceeded to allow my foot, covered with "tonjol effect" Etnies skate shoes, to socialize with the lead individual's groin. Surely I was doomed as though I managed to act quickly, there were four individuals and, sadly, only one me.

Surprisingly, the uninjured individuals took a good look at my knightly visage and asked, "Eh kau bukan ITE eh?" (You not ITE is it?) I replied politely but firmly with a curt NO. The guy looked at me as if I grew horns out my chest, and apologized profusely as they had the wrong identity. Taking advantage of the situation, I replied that it was common for idiots, I mean humans, to make mistakes and immediately left the area. I rode the bus and, after reaching home, felt really scared for the first time. I was really really scared and kept praying and thanking God Almighty that not only nothing happened to me, but the situation didnt escalate worser. Phew. Thank you God. Thank you that I wasn't with my best friend at that time.

This leads to the point that I am trying to show. Always be aware of your surroundingd and always avoid large groups of people who look violent or typical gangsters. Last but certainly not the least, never cut botak, especially if your uniform resembles that of an ITE student and that, like me, dress shabbily. (Low pants, botak, low bag, you get the idea) Please take care of yourself guys and girls cause there are always these individuals who are out to harm. Take care of yourselves.

P.S: I pray that my hair grow faster each day...

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