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Thursday, March 24, 2005

dammit. shit. suay until pok. forgot to switch off my phone in MPR 3 during paper 5/8 exam. kena confiscated by ms chua. sorry...just rambling cause really felt damn embarrassed lah..now will be out of contact for 3 days at least. on a brighter note the damned common tests are over. but as always, we'll get diarrhoea when the results are released..oh wait..tink i forgot to attend nexus again...arrifin is going to boil me in curry. sorry again have craving for curry been having fast food the last few days. indeed, mindless rambling from ray is antidote for stress. haha. soccer was fun...scored alot of goals..must have done smthg right...and wonder goals at dat..volleys,nutmegs...weird. somehow i really feel the class is very united this days. thanks to er...charlene clare faisal daena anjali cathy claryce huishi+++for reminding me i left my fone in LT4 during econs, tickling me and simply laughing. relieves stress and makes me feel very attached to the peeps. THANKS!!! and mr sas for his words of encouragement. and mr koh too. and ms tan for her sense of humour. =X


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