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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cocksford Dictionary of Queer Terminology ver.2005(available in hokkien dialect)

astro (pronounced ass-throw)noun 1. a striker who can't score in spite of utopian conditions, a.k.a camper 2. an idol wannabe who can't sing for god's sake and for the safety of our eardrums, a.k.a zao sia king 3. a loudmouth who doesn't possess the human quality of whispering, a.k.a tua sia kong 4. the sworn twin of ray(unfortunately) and the ultimate contrast between brothers, a.k.a pu bor kia 5. the endorser/ambassador of freaky un-waxed spiky hair and frameless glasses, a.k.a pung sai bin 6. the only twin of ray ray wants to be rid of desperately to avoid (unfair) comparisons, a.k.a bapok

the above-mentioned article is not to be taken seriously. It is only a fabrication (read:truth) and fantasy of the editor of the Cocksford Dictionary. Not to be reproduced without permission.



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