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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello guys, we were fascinated by the proses so we decided to come up with one too..just a simple piece so enjoy =)

The Pupil

She was strolling to lecture as usual, holding her beloved geography book and her beloved pencil box. Then just outside the lecture theatre, she was filled with a sudden rush of defiance and she felt some unknown forces pulling her away with vehement and unparalled strength. She was bound to be on the losing side in this lopsided tug-of-war.
There was the student, sitting with legs up on the table, plugging into her own world with her music player, not realizing that a storm was brewing. Oh, definitely not a drizzle, it is a tragic thunderstorm.
The geography teacher barged into her hiding place, demanded with tremendous fury to see the homework that he assigned. She foraged her bag, yet all he got to see was blank sheets, no, not blank, there were a few smiling faces drawn. Not a bad effort, I must say.
Out of the blue, she tossed her bag onto the floor, but unwittingly hit the teacher's toes with it. He was impaled now; she was mobile, yet immobilized. Instead of escaping, she apologized profusely, her face filled with such great repentance even our lord and saviour would have forgave her sins.
The teacher forgave her, gave her a sincere pat on the back and said, "You are the model student indeed".

A joint collaboration courtesy of Melvin, Shawn and Ray.

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