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Friday, February 18, 2005

Finally took some time off to talk about some crap. MY form of de-stress. :)

Man, this week was like ssssshhhhhhhheeeeeeeeiiiiittt la! Damn stressed up, damn pissed off, damn everything. I've been seriously pondering about issues regarding Education- What we're currently mugging on. For more info. pls read my blog. Its 'inspiring'. LOL! XD

Hai! I haven't received anything from my angel yet! so sad.. but i don quite mind la. Everyone's been busy this week. I'm very sure about it. Steph Chua sure ticked everyone off during gothic man. I was relatively pissed. But think the fault lies with us la.. insufficient preparation and superficial observations... But i really think She's expecting too much from us right? I mean, observe her tone and facial expressions during every gothic tutorial. (apart from the seldom 'good! good! and nodding of her head') I'm not saying she's not an understandable tutor, but everyone has their limitations man.. u can't expect to over-stretch a piece of plasticine right? It'll eventually break apart. Personally, I'm not a very fast worker and learner. Is she expecting too much? Hmmm... or am I under-performing?

Haha, lets not get too personal here ok?

Hey guys and gals! Its time to wake up our ideas and work on something - towards our future dreams. Strive of perfection! Endure! .. i sound like a motivator..

-Henry, Ur CIP rep. (damn it)

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