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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hey peeps...we know this week sucks...so wat do we haf here..2 major lit assignments we haf no confidence in doing well in, mr chia's demoralising prep-talk(sense the irony here? though im grateful for his truthful words), skipping davies' lecture(just screw it...self-absorbed scabby brit) and stephanie "sarcastic egomaniac" chua's startling discovery that we din do our work...like duh? did we haf any time and inkling wat the story was all abt? to add spice to the growing pot of curry, being a lit rep sucks man...3 diff tutors, 2 understanding and one a *****, countless instructions, fotostating stuff, setting a gd eg...once again, the only redeeming lesson was pe...and more suay-ly, i got socked in the eye by a shoulder(or was it a head?)during soccer...great...now all the bad luck is accumulating...taking time off to destress is only expected..rite? so do watever u want on ur wkends...gd luck. shit.


Crew of 04a04/06| 6:39 PM