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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hey guys, how are of your coping so far.. cant wait for the weekend.. the sch weeks are just getting too idiotic for my intellectual arrogant side to comprehend. im just glad eddie koh praised us for AP, after all, being the superior individuals we are of the esteemed 04A04, people seldom praise us. haha.

today was great, soccer was the only highlight, with us infiltrating army ranks to get our ball back. anyway, we didnt get into any mishaps or fights or misunderstandings whatsoever, just that ray got shot and bao killed 4 soldiers with his bare hands, and sherfeeq bombed the guardhouse, and mel and me set fire to the entire barracks.. aside from that we got our ball back.

anyway, heres a poem i'll like to share, trying to direct a different emotion and channel it correctly rather then into sad feelings i always write about.

im not a professional, so dont laugh..or cry. just remember every one has their poetic license.

Conniption Fit

Theres only so much a wall can take before it breaks from strain.
Just stop all that balderdash here,there,wherever,whenever --
flawed vision hinders, so why doesn't it hinder yours ?
Some questions i can never get into my irreverant brain..
we never will know, never will find out.

Little whispers circle about your head as you try to deal
with all that logic burnt at the tip of the decievers tongue.
we start lying so much so we find reaffirmation in ourselves.
"Who hell you , Challenge me Fool? "
or so the Cockamaroo sings everyday to the pedestal that reads
"Judge not lest ye be judged yourself."

Just like the moon revolves round the stars,
indeed you are Holier than thou.
we cant deny , we cant refute.
if an extinguished consequence lies bare on the oil plains of eventuality
We all know what to do, Yes, We graciously accept what we will know what to do.

-ur exGPrep-


Crew of 04a04/06| 9:38 PM