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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

hey guys, how are all of you coping.

chinese new year is over, bah ! i wish it lasted forever, all that money, the joy of just laughing (dont get me wrong i dont enjoy some family gatherings) but it sure beats school. i dread every foot stepped on this blasted college.
my brain is drained by the barrage of academical nonsense.. oh what is school for again ? anyhows, hang on guys, try to smoke some crack like me sometimes. and post more more more. shufen is posting more than some of you guys ! haha. thanks shufen for the chocs ya. shall repay you as a class on your bday or smt ya.

oh and happy vday, and heres a hello to the person who gave me a balloon and marshmellows. please send a photo and your handphone number to heckler_45@hotmail.com for application and furthur details on job requirements.

lol. xD

-UR exGP REP, now Failing-Every-Assignment-Mr-Koh-Gives-Us-GPREP-


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