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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Man this week have to be the most insane and stupid one EVER in pjc. The guys have pretty much summed up the shit that happened..and i got better news..Sas is coming backkkkk on Tuesday(according to Ms Lai)!! Uhh..whopee? LOL.. i can only guess the repercussions.. *shivers* First of all i wanna say..umm..DAMN IT.. u dont fu*king walk out of a class..if u can do that then next time i'm disgruntled with any teacher's lesson i can walk out too? (Hint:Mr Britain, anti-French, monotonous tone, insufficient content tcher) Is that the underlying meaning you're implying huh?

TSK, anyway..it's been a hectic week..and with the CTs nearing i can only imagine it will get worse..so brace yourselves and start forcing yourself to complete work on or ahead of time. Sorry for all the flaming guys.. it's been a frustrating week.. tho i guess im just voicing the sentiments of everyone really..heh. Ooh, talentnite is comingggg...better get practising and focused, good luck to bao and shawn's band too!

It's time for.......The thought of the weeek! -----
Hmm..i guess most of the time a lot of us wait for things to happen..why not we be less passive and make things happen instead? =)

p/s - shufen, all the guys love u too.

Your innovation and enterprise rep,
Melvin aka moO

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:37 PM