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Sunday, January 16, 2005

so far so good, eh? wow...this year has been a rat race, to say the least...everyone seems to be absorbed in their homework, revision and other what-nots...this year heralds the beginning of a new era, without a few of the ppl whom i actually miss..save alwyn and stanley la, since we get together almost everyday. just realised how eddie koh is a bloody proficient and effective tutor, despite his speech defect...certainly he's up there amongst the best lit (& gp) teachers in s'pore..woolhead lives up to his expectations as a lame yet mesmerizing scot..poor old davies is a walking zombie as always, while stephanie chua is as sarcastic and blunt as usual. chinese lessons suck big time..dat auntie kips trying fruitlessly to crack stupid jokes, which only serves to entertain those nubile and naive science tots...kelvin ang is a real conniving asshole whose mastery of the art of deceit and flirting is admirable. CCK is getting serious about geography (finally.), and mr kwek continues his proud tradition of talking nonsense for 10 minutes every morning. oh well, and the new peeps in the class are pretty approchable, i guess. haha. ya. for yd nit memebers, training commences this following tuesday, we'll be attending the hamlet screening at 3.30, which ends at ard 5 i guess, & we'll decide other admin stuff with regards to our jersey den. may we haf a soccer tournament this year!


Crew of 04a04/06| 2:46 PM