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Saturday, January 29, 2005

hello everyone (:

hows the school year coming along? are we all ready for the As at the end of the year? hehh i shouldnt look so far, i think common tests are gonna be a big enough challenge for now.

anyway be glad you all ponned chinese, it's useless, un-understandable, and who wants to learn about fengshui and what the shape of your ear tells you about your character.

class notice board's up at last, hope you guys like it and are satisfied with your names. many thanks to liyana, clare, melisa, and faisal for doing it up. and special mention for melisa and priya who helped me kope black papers and thumbtacks from the remnants of 03A02's board. karang guni girls indeed.

okie dokie i'm off but have a nice (remaining) weekend and see you in school on monday.

-the loanshark, daena.

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:45 PM