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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Wow, yeah, im posting!!!!!!!! Woohoo im looking forward to our soccer training on fri as well as our clazz bbq and chalet at the end of december.. the onli thing i dread about in the holidays is the CIP.. Blardie hell hafta wrap presents? aniwae, the holiday is already about a fifth gone? lolx.. guys do enjoy and treasure it bcos it'll b over b4 we even realise it!

Yupz.. no doubt im looking forward to da bbq thingy initiated by maz? urm.. i was thinking since u guys want a proper bbq pit, do consider the options at east coast park.. i heard there r quite alot of steady bbq pits.. along the beachside some more! mayb we can go ECP and do some cycling or some sort? Food wise may i suggest stingray and minisquids if our fund permits.. yupz.. and for mi sec sch chalet bbq i remembered them bringing some fish that hav edible bones? they bbqueued them and it tasted rather convincing to someone who hated fish like me? yupz i dunch know wads the fish called but its one that hav edible soft bones yeah?

Laz but not least, red alert is now single and available on the shelf? so do grab her while stock lasts k? lolx.. oh and for YD united duno who suggested a match/playing kit for the guys? yups mayb we can look farther into this matter. Yups thats abt it le.. guys, pls stay healthy and wise over the holidays k? we've got tonns more to conquer nex yr!


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