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Monday, November 15, 2004

raison d'etre
the presence of yandao united
is the sole cause of sudden ignition of curiosity amongst others
everyday within the world of ourselves
echoes of us prattling can be heard
a nostalgic lookback into our recent past
smiles grew and laughters followed
as we take on the mantle of leadership
much of us is expected ahead
we watched with glee as red alert broke up
while we await other glamorous babes to be returned
with our witty remarks
we will win their hearts out
not lacking effervescent personality
this prominent and wondrous bunch of homosapiens
will not fail
few others criticised us
lacking solid basis of evidence to underpin their say
with their egregious error of judgement
their loads of self-indulgent twaddle
they did it out of envious
they are not to blame
at the end of the day
they will apologise
everytime that somebody marched in
that someone whom we reckoned volatile
we began to feel queasy
but that phenomenon has since changed
as he non-hesitantly vouched for us
his care and concern understood by us
under his commendable tutelage
we soon developed leadership and pride
something for us to be proud of
yandao united is one not to be missed
always giving others shellacking on the field
always catching a whiff of her perfume
whenever she walked past
all these wistful memories of our past
we can never yearn for more

Crew of 04a04/06| 1:27 AM