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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hello aO sixxxxx!!! lol..this is my first post on this blog.. much anticipated yeah? Heh. Wah.. i'm glad to have survived a little stay at the hospital *winks*.. I guess everyone needs a little scare every once in a while to spice up their life..sure got me worried. Haha. Guys..do not leave stagnant water at home..and u better damn well kill any mosquito when u freakin see one!!!!

Ok that part's done..now for our class. Man it's been a crazyyy year that just seemed to zoom past so quickly..i honestly never expected us to be so close by the end of the year. Well.. i think i did decent enough for the promos.. but i really wished that we could all have gone up together tho.. sighh. Nvm lah..no matter where we go and no matter what happens..and NO MATTER WHO TRIES SO DAMN HARD TO PISS YOU OFF..we are and will always be 04A06 yeah.. Perhaps God has got better things in mind for you. Eh let's have gathering reeeal soon okay..and when we have the class chalet let's have soccer and bowling championships!! LOL.

And stanley, dont be too affected by what's goin on alright? You know we're all here for you..YD Unit remember? Insulting people for no rhyme or reason? That's NOT COOL. Enjoy the hols people..it'll be gone before u even know it. Everyone take care and God bless.

p/s - to all YD Unit members : when is our next mission huhh? LOL.

Your ever cool resident yandao =p,

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