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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hi i would like to share a poem i have done. Just amateur stuff =)


Left alone, they occupy their own corner, their own world,
hoping for some form of resolution.
Days pass, beyond peoples consciousness.
Renewed hope is what they yearn for.
They never appear.

I step in, watchful of the people around.
Their sombre eyes tell the story.
One of sadness and despondency.
Loneliness in solitude,
bleakness, neglection.
They long for people to listen.
They never appear.

Stuck in a foreign place they have to call home,
They wish and hope.
For the day their offspring will receive them back.
They peer aimlessly outside the window some days,
With a desire as strong as flames,
For things to take a turn for the better,
their hopes are only minimal at best.
They never appear.

Expendable they feel, with neither motivation nor drive,
no incentive to be alive.
They have lost it all.
Why cant people understand?
All they need is for people to care.
They look content,
but the truth lies much deeper,
we know faces can lie.

Perhaps they need strangers to listen to them,
hear the conflicting thoughts in their minds.
That will ease their agony. No it wont.
The ultimate mockery.
The old powerless. The young powerful.
Faced with encumbrance,
They sit reclined,
like wilting willows.

Melvin Tai

Crew of 04a04/06| 5:50 PM