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Sunday, November 07, 2004

the first day when everybody appeared at PJC in their ultra-disgusting and retro secondary school uniforms.
the day when we had to do CIP picking rubbish in CCK vicinity.
the day we went to the play "Who's Life is it Anyway?" the first time together.
the many days we(YD unit) hung around at the canteen trash-talking hours and hours away.
the days when we shouted "BOTAK!!!" when that baldie walked past us.
the day during the sports meet where we shouted ourselves hoarse.
the day when we spent GP lessons feeling trepidified, geography lessons sleepy, economics lessons disillusioned, and literature lessons too jargonistic.
the day when a bunch of guys from the class (ah bao, henry, sherfeeq, me, melvin, shawn, alwyn, cathy, claryce & huishi) went to Sentosa to play soccer, volleyball and swimming at the beach and later lunched together at the hawker centre.
the day when we received our mid-year results feeling nonchalant about the poor results.
the days when we celebrated the birthdays of members of the class which we thoroughly enjoyed, especially Mr. Sas'.
the days when PW revealed the mature and thoughtful sides of our crazy and bubbly selves.
the day when we went to Lydia's birthday party and played our socks off(literally) and visited the haunted house.
the days when YD unit spent hours slogging at the field honing our skills.
the days when Mr. Sas crushed our egos and smashed our confidence with his snide remarks(which we managed to recover from),
the following days when Mr. Sas bullshitted with us in GP and PC lessons, which was initially shocking.
the day when 9 members of YD unit flouted the school rules(which shall not be mentioned...)
the numerous days our soccer ball was confiscated by irate tutors as we played football at the void deck.
the days during mass PE where the guys were the only jokers in the entire batch in spite of the gruelling conditions.
the day we received results of the promos which, i swear, shortened our lives by at least two years.
the day of the aftermath where 7 of us(ah bao, melvin, shawn, stanley, me, cathy and hushi) and A02's melvin went to catch "Shark Tale"at Cineleisure Orchard and took neoprint pictures together.
i remember.


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