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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hm i dont mind any kind of food but..
heres a suggested list la

ok heres what i can think off the top of my head.. any suggestions would be GRACIOUSLY appreciated hahaha.

bbq pit.. my place is like a public place but still need to pay.. plus it looks like a world war 2 preservation site and its based on electrical heating (no kick, need to be charcoal.. w00t)

so i think condos are better options, generally the bbq pits are nicer there..

anyway maz i think just go ahead with a food list.. im sure the most of us dont mind anything.. (u can base it on my lousy sample list hahaha)... as for the prices.. shouldn't be much of a problem la i guess.. but.. den again .. how is everyone going to meet up and pay.. hmm.

but if anyone needs help in buying the stuff etc. feel free to call me la.. i'll help out if i can.. but please dont tell me to do it alone.

keep on posting guys.. ur suggestions, comments.. anything that can help maz make this event a success . looking foward to seeing the confirmed date..

-shawn, UR GP REP-

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:35 PM