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Sunday, November 07, 2004

hey guys.
im glad to see the sudden influx of posts..
makes everyday pass by happier i guess if i see a new post everyday..
hopefully that happens..
rays post has made me all nostalgic..
all that we went thru.. the bonds we made over such a short time ( as compared to sec. school days where bonds were forged a tad slower) and all that shit we went thru..
the times we shared laughing at even the most stupid things or the things that would make an ordinary person cry in depression..
i would have to sincerely say without this class, my articulation and intelligence would not have expanded .. and most importantly, i would've gone thru life without the blessing of soccer skills.. hahaha..

its a pity that our class would be missing some ppl.. sigh... life isnt life without sacrifice and negatives..

anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays now.. i think this time we all deserve a big long break.. after the entire year of mugging, sweating,toiling,lamenting,arguing, and countless other --ings that i would most graciously type out right now if my vocabulary was good enough.. anyways, i look forward to any gathering we can have soon.. suggestions ? i think maz is planning one now, but it wouldnt hurt if there was another.. or another.. or another..
besides that, remember to give faisal money by tuesday and give sas ur photocopied result slip on friday..

keep on posting man..

-shawn, UR GP REP-

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:38 PM