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Friday, November 12, 2004

hey guys , heres another poem.. by a an outsider Melvin Yong.

Classe Reflet (04AO2)

The journeys we embarked on,
Harsh and unpredictable
Memories shared were bitter-sweet
and unforgettable
Venturing into boundaries that were once foreign to us,
Together in unison, we fought relentlessly
The tribulations faced were intense
Dealing a austere blow to some

Defeated and heart broken they felt
Rays of warmth showered down
Encouragement and support shown
Giving them new found strength and hope,
To persevere and face new challenges
But would the experience be as fulfilling?
It remains a mystery
Unjustified as the journey would be
Harsh and unpredictable once again…

Who is to be blamed?
Giving our heart, mind and soul
We tussle to the end
Are the circumstances predestined?
Dashing hope and dreams for some,
But why?
Does it mean that life is unpredictable and harsh?
Why cant the moments last?
I controlled
But it still trickles down my cheeks..


-shawn, UR GP REP-

Crew of 04a04/06| 6:14 PM