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Monday, November 15, 2004

hey guys heres another free verse. not really versatile.. haha. anyway thanks maz for organising this gathering finally !! hahaha.

Willful Resignation

A leaf clover free from restriction
brushes through my hair curiously
I catch a brisk glimpse
of a lonely jungle and the evening sky
before opening my eyes once more
only to reveal the same rhetorical questions

lonely echoes of a failed and miserable past

I can no longer
hear the bluebirds
serenading for springs approach
I had once
enjoyed the blooming flowers
carpeting and kissing the earth with colours
but now I cant
see you under that tree anymore

or can I ?

from sorrow to serenity
sounds of breathing sharpen my ears
then they fade into nothing
someones laughter out in the street
fills the night with their loving
Such sweet sights
pleasing only to my blind sight
day to day I struggle to keep
My eyes closed
for I know what I see will hurt.

its Me that love cant find
now here is gone

i wonder where these dreams go
when the world gets in your way
theres no point in ever trying
nothings changing anyway
Ive chosen to close my eyes

How about you?

-shawn, UR GP REP-

Crew of 04a04/06| 1:37 AM