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Sunday, November 14, 2004

hey! greeetings and a happy new year.

1) supermarket shoppin for the bbq right. ASK ME ASK ME. hahaha.. supermarkets are dammn fun ley. but please dont send me alone! i'll die carrying everything sia.

2) i didnt know red alert is available again ley! ahbao why so resourceful!

3) all three poets make use of literary techniques effectively in order to communicate their intentions coercively to the reader. the influx of poetic inspiration is copasetic and commendable!

4) eyyyyy i wanna train soccer too ley... are you guys going to train like every friday or sth? mmmmmm....~?

5) WHEN is the BABACUE? btw, i wont be in s'pore fr 13th to 17th dec. i will be enjoying life in idyllic PULAU UBIN! yup. rmb to get CORN and BUTTER for the ANTICIPATED CLASSBABACUE!

6) are we inviting mr sas?

lots of lurveeeee

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