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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Heeello it's me..the nice guy. LoL..Not bad eh..our blog seems to have gained a new lease of life..very lively man. That's cool..Keep the posts floodin in alright? I read all the recent entries..i guess Ray's one sums up our year pretty well. Come to think of it, we had quite a few close shaves didn't we? Heh.

Ok..the main thing i want to mention is our gathering!!!! How how how sia.. let's arrange quickly so we can have more outings later if we want mah..I guess the general consensus is that u guys want a bbq anywhere decent yeah..i'm thinking let's have the chalet and bbq together la..easier for all also. Only prob is who can book a decent enough chalet now leh..got lobang pls discuss with the guys k?

I read a little of Angela Carter's book..man it's freaky. Gothic next year will be hell i bet. . haha. oh btw..recently i'm reeli craving for the Fire Steak from Jack's Place..guys tmr or Thursday go there eat dinner leh. Darn i'm gettin hungry just talking about it..okay off to get some satay for supper..I leave u guys with this proverb : United we stand, divided we fall.

p/s - proverbs are really useful =D

Always the star of the show,

Crew of 04a04/06| 10:01 PM