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Thursday, October 21, 2004

my very first entry for the class blog, shawn will be extremely pleased. i'm also doing this as a way of thanking him shiteless for being the reason for my winning streak in Uno against the Lipstick Lesbian, maz.

i really hope melvin gets better soon. i will try to visit you yeah? just.. hang in there man. you'll make it through.

and it is just me, or are school days the worst? i hate the feeling of entering tutorials and lectures with everyone speculating/hinting on how badly we've done. i just want them to stop reminding.

and pw? haha. it, erm, always rocks.

okok on a much much lighter note, you guys should visit the bazaars that are specially put up during the fasting month. the stuff they sell is pretty good. so go check them out. by stuff, i mean food. very nice ones. veryvery nice.
and so ramadhan continues.

i hope tomorrow is a better today. i'm trying to be optimistic but something tells me that i'm failing terribly.

isrin .

Crew of 04a04/06| 12:33 AM