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Friday, September 10, 2004

hey guys.
i guess this blog has been officially opened.. like what ah bao said, we could be using this blog for many interesting things like announcements and important notices. so check back here for updates often .
anyway, i do hope no one abuses their right to this blog and change things without me, baos or nadiahs notice. As such, i remind again please do not give this password and name to outsiders of our class please. If not i'll be forced to close this blog down.
I dont think there is a need to set rules and regulations as well as i think we are all mature enough. serious matters aside, any suggestions on the design,coding and anything else could be directed to me bao or nad. we appreciate ur ideas.

anyway, if ur have ideas for our blogskin, please put the link on the tagboard or post it so we can look it up and see whether its suitable. However i feel the music should change from time to time if we do have a music player. Any one has good music codes sites to recommend ? we could do day by day request. thats all i gotta say for administrative manners.

speaking of which please bring 1.90 on monday for GP Abortion notes..


Crew of 04a04/06| 10:23 PM