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Sunday, September 12, 2004

hey guys
once again im posting.. maybe im bored or this blog is quite stale so far..
oh well.

heres some links some of ur might find interesting:

http://www.litnotes.co.uk/index.htm --> Has some useful stuff on Jane Eyre (Thanks Ray)
http://www.vagenisonline.com ---> Check out the flash games here, great boredom curers
http://www.lyricsspot.com/ --> Useful site without much lagtime as from other lyric sources.
http://www.dictionary.com --> AS useful as it sounds.
http://www.1001winampskins.com/skins_overview.html?page=1&category_id=1 ---> Anime winamp skins~

everyone thank AHBAO for putting all the links at the sidebar, putting the marquee scrolling thing at the status bar below as well as making the novelty right click humour.

well, ya i thats all i have for now that i think are quite useful links, hope everyone's enjoying their hols if not studying.. Anyway good news guys, i have a feeling we are all going to promote.


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