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Monday, September 13, 2004

hey guys
hope all of you are prepared for school tmr... and had a great day today..
here am i once again posting, trying to keep this blog alive as long as possible..
today was a drag for me, spent the entire time at home slacking and slacking..preparing my brain for mental overdrive from tmr onwards.. and my fone has been irritating me.. it has the habit of having no reception.. i think its really spoilt..

who ever sees thisplease please bring 1.90 for GP notes tmr..
heres some nice links maybe you all shld go visit when ur have time..

http://www.hugi.is/hahradi/bigboxes.php?box_id=51208&f_id=1128 --> funny shit.

http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~rmazores/naruto/ --> english translated naruto mangas.

anyway we have to thank MAZ! for putting up this nice blog skin.. hopefully everyone likes it..
and i think your shld post more...haha..

well see u guys tmr!!


Crew of 04a04/06| 1:07 PM