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Sunday, September 09, 2007


helloooooooooo it feels like i'm out there in the galaxy of dead stars and solar solitude alone, millions of light years away from civilization. anywayyyy i think we're long overdue with a class outing/dinner/bbq, its been eons since we last saw the ugly mugshots and porcelain vases of each other in the class. so, any suggestions to moot? i've received clearance from lydia for a bbq at her place. or, we stakeout her apartment. or, dinner at a eatery in town, up the posh hangouts at ulu hills in bukit timah, or at transsexual-infested changi village seaside views. PLEASE LEAVE MESSAGES ON THE TAGBOARD. and i just discovered to login our class blog we now have to activate a google email account, which i have presumptuously used mine without permission, until we decide on a common login account.


Crew of 04a04/06| 5:14 PM

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Reindeer season! a blaze of festivity and reunion brought the class together again for a long-belated dinner! pastamania so it was, with only alwyn not conforming to the color code! racuous laughter and unbridled joy graced our royal mouths! =D






Crew of 04a04/06| 2:56 AM

Saturday, December 23, 2006

hey people. i knw i hvn't been blogging so i shall spend sm time sharing my eventful yr, b4 i disappear for awhile again. haha.

well the 1st half of the yr was all bout studying and finally getting to do things i love like being around kids and learning bout them. :) they're a great joy to have around. I made lots of new friends, started going to church, met a new boy, got my 1st digicam, a laptop, dyed my hair for the 1st time, went to sun tan, picked up dance..basically started to love life more! now that i'm on holis, i'm doing even more stuff!

yes Rinny. i'm looking gd with my boy alrite. :P been together for awhile. wanna see more pix? haha. we kinda went on a holi together to Bintan juz a few wks ago. my first holiday! The beach there is bee-you-ti-fool!

i rested for one day and i was off for my 9 days mission trip to Thailand! it was my first plane ride! :) Living condition there is really diff. It never quite rained. The mornings and nights were freezing cold and afternoons were hot and sunny. I caught my first shooting star. In fact, lots of them on the 12th, 13th and 14th if i'm not wrong. The sky was filled with stars unlike singapore. I had lunch by the mountains and lake on the second afternoon then it was a whole load of work to get to. Teaching in the village sch, painting the church, performing and etc. It's beautiful there but i guess it's better being back in singapore. :) coz everyone i love is here! (alrite, esp my hubbylicious.) and the fact that i almost lost my life there. it was scary.

now i can hv my warm showers again and munch on chocs! muahaha.

i'm gonna get baptised tmr too! and i'll be off again! this time for a youth camp. yep. tt's bout all. i can summarize it in one sentence actually -> HAILEY'S HAPPY.

alrite. MUACKZ! hv fun ple. Merry Xmas! cya ard.

ps. i changed the blog layout. use the words beside the "buttons" for navigation. hope u guys are fine with it. change the layout whenever u guys wanna alrite.

Crew of 04a04/06| 3:22 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Haha.. things have been wild after the A's. Hope all are doing well.
=) Hope to see all this weekend. Cheers. Take care.

Crew of 04a04/06| 1:26 PM

Sunday, December 17, 2006

merry tidings!

i thought i should update because i've never tried blogging here before and thats because i couldn't remember the password. now that i do, here i am lala

it's great to see you, jelly (u look gorgeous with ur boy) and khai claryce huishi there kinda to keep us invisible ones in the loop. this class is never forgotten, just at the back of our minds somewhere...

ok i've been busy with work and school right now, schooling at mdis and working at a training company. its really hectic but im having tonnes of fun as well because it's a challange every single day to maintain both. its just awesome.

the only thing i regret is not having enough time to be with all of my friends. now lets not go there

i still am deeply in love with chocolate and rainy days, drinking soyabean, i still write illegibly, spell most words incorrectly, speak the fastest and yes, i still do have my big bug eyes. see, nothing's changed as much. we all thought it would over the years, but it really hasn't. i don't know if you guys have been keeping in contact with the rest of the pj mates- i still do go for dates with maria and maz and recently i heard that sherfeeq is going to be sued (correct me on this), and now i see khai flying on his bmx i shake my head in disapproval, and shufen who is looking so mighty fine on friendster with a dude (whoa)--- what has changed tremendously huh.

enjoy the rest of your sundays babes.


Crew of 04a04/06| 8:09 PM

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


xmas is here again and it's time to gather gather togetherrrr!
and yayyyy lydia said that we can have fun at her place again! kudos to her! =D


Date: 23rd December, Saturday (hoho means most of the guys get to come!)
Time: 2pm (to buy fooooood and prepare for us gluttoonnnnss)
Amount: $10 per headdddddd
Meet at: Bukit Panjang Plaza

and umm to make it more fun, please come in either red/green/brown/white horrrr. we need to look christmasy to feel christmasy. hehehe.

if anything please msg clarycee or i! :D

so thereeee, spread the love!!:)


Crew of 04a04/06| 11:15 PM

we the guys and girls of 04a04!

there is a class gathering on the 23rd of december tentatively!

this is long overdue! so everyone please kindlyturnupokay?

erm for further details please refer to claryce and huishi because i'll be on consecutive duties till the 22nd!so i won't have time to entertain any queries. apologies!

have a nice day and please confirm as soon as possible to discuss venue time itinery etcetcetc

thank you! =)


Crew of 04a04/06| 9:10 PM

Saturday, December 09, 2006


So I was/am bored at work and I was blog browsing and I decided to check this one out since I haven't in fuckin ages. And I read Khai's entry (btw, i miss you khai! how you been?) and I thought I'd post. It's been more than a year since I've been gone and I think that is insane. I don't get as homesick as I used to now. I still miss Singapore and it's people though. A lot. But for my own good I think a lot less now.

Things are CRAZY here! So I'm going to Foothill College. If you google it, you'll see how pretty the campus is. This quarter has been insane because I'm taking like 4 classes which is alot. And I'm working at this office from 11 to 5 everyday. I hate this job with a passion. The only good part of it is that it pays my bills and I can get my homework done here. My other job is a little more glam and I love it. I started at Armani Exchange the first week of September and I love it. Not so much the pay or the long hours on my feet or the waiting hand on foot on customers, but the people I work with, the cute guys that come into the store and THE DISCOUNT!! Hehe. Figures eh? I make close to nothing at this job and whatever I do make I spend on clothes. I love it. I work there from like 6 to 11 or midnight a couple of days a week.

Quarter is coming to an end here. By next wednesday I will be done with school for this year and I can't fucking wait. It's stressful and it's crazy and it's tiring but it's not all that bad.

A few pictures real quick! These were all I could find since I'm at work right now.

This is what kids that aren't 21 do here. We have illegal gatherings in people's backyards, have someone over the age of 21 or a fake ID holder buy us beer and we basically get wasted. This was hookah night with the guys.

This is my boy and he is the bestest. I think he's the best thing about California. He makes it almost as great as Singapore but only almost.

I wanted to put up a pic of my car but I couldn't find one. TO everyone that is dying to get there license, I should warn you. It's fun ofr like a month and then it gets pretty old. Buying gas, traffic, always having to payattention to the road to stay alive, not being able to drive after you club. Not all that fun. hehe.

And here ends my update and I really hope everyone is doing great! I miss you guys and the crazy crazy times we had in PJ. I'll let you know when I'm gonna be back. Take care everyone!

Your favorite jelly,

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:47 AM

Friday, December 08, 2006

dear everybody!!!

it's fik's birthday today!! so everybody should sing this chinese speaking tamileh a big happy birthday songggg.:):):)



shall update again with pictures some time sooooooon! :)
and with lots of loveeeee,
this is huishi!

Crew of 04a04/06| 6:18 PM

Hey guys.

I know I'm not talking alone. I know some of you do still read this blog. And no, I don't think this blog's dead. It's just silent.

I'm gonna post an update on my life and hope that you guys post something or an update about how you guys are. It's ok, even a line or two would really mean alot to the class. I know I'd feel very happy to see you post something like, "Hello there, I'm fine. School sucks." It shows that hey, you EXIST. I know times are busy for you Uni people. But hey, just a minute or two won't harm right? Besides, if you can visit this blog and read these words it shows you're able to post something.

The question is whether you want to or not.

I know guys. PJC days are long gone. Move on. Yada yada. But is there anything wrong in keeping contact? Hell, this isn't even keeping contact. This is just a place to tell the class how you've been in this hectic world we call life. I know I'm guilty of alot of stuff like not updating and stuff and not meeting the guys for soccer. But hey, the least I did was to write something. Still, I know some of you guys are still around. Please update. And don't have to wait for me to write something. Or anyone. Just write. Click. Enter. Type. Something like this:

What's happening in your Ex discipline rep you say? Wel I'm back in thai boxing classes at bukit timah hilltop. You'd know if you read my blog. Trying to keep my fitness level up to standard ever since I landed in a driver role. Army has been very boring and wasteful except for the fact that I would be getting a driver's license at the end of this 2 year sentence. Driving around here and there isn't too bad though. Besides that, I'm currently getting myself into alot of injury not just through thai boxing but through street BMX as well. It's fun and painful. Well, I had to start doing stuff after buying the bicycle. All in all, I'm doing fine in life guys.

There. That's all that's required. Wasn't so tough. Can't wait to read about you guys. Please write.

Like I said, I'm doing fine in life. What about you?



Khai Kari
Your Ex Muay Thai Trained Discipline Rep.

P.S: Sorry guys. I haven't been going for the soccer games. Will make it up for you all.

Crew of 04a04/06| 12:21 AM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

khairil in a paperbag

with his sceptre of fury!

and the endless videos of stunts and grunts and porno puns and plastic guns and spastic dance and laughter were hilarious and those days sped by us just a little too fast.

Crew of 04a04/06| 3:21 AM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hello niggas and niggarites! =D
claryce yet again!
the genius in me figured out how to modify our blog to display everything!
how cool right. =D
hope you're all fine!
I really meant to join you all after the dinner. =(
miss you guys, though i dont expect you all to miss me. ha, ha, ha.
I had a disgusting lit test today, and my hand is aching.
the ppl here all too pro, dont think will do well here.
but at least i've conquered the test! whee! just another gazillion more to go!

and just now while thinking of my aching hand i thought of melvin and the fatigue free pen, and the time we all bought a pen each from kino, and took a video of the blinking lights, and kept i smiling to myself.


hope everybody is fine and good!
remember to think about me!


claryce the nigga.

im on blogspot now too ha ha ha claryce.blogspot.com. next time meeting better call me.

Crew of 04a04/06| 5:10 PM

Friday, August 18, 2006

erm. ray mysterio here. life's pretty much been a giddy wild wild wet ride for the past months. a lot of genuine friendships and comrade ra-ra camaraderie were forged in BMT, and now, in the air force for me. i still miss a few of my confidantes in jaguar coy...hmm. well as of now i have a wonderful clique in my graveyard camp, comprising of a reformed singh, a rugger, 2 chain smokers, a buddy of a bmt friend, a seriously deranged small boyboy and a world-class guitarist. wonderful bunkies i tell u, they're loyal and fun people to stick through t h i c k and thin. lotsa crimes we've committed, like downingblackcatplayingdaideesneakingintoforbiddenterritory etc.
oh yea, im an ADWO by profession presently, dealing with reconnaissance(is tt how u spell it) aircraft. by the way the air force singlets are WORLD-CLASS. ABOVE ALL. hahaha. slack is the new harworking, no more mindless toiling and gun-toting for me.
NUS beckons!

ray of LCK II

Crew of 04a04/06| 11:37 PM

Sunday, August 13, 2006

hey hello claryce here. in nus with huishi, melisa, and an assortment of pj ppl, some from arts like nana, maria, janice, natalie and rahel, and alot of ppl from science stream too

school's starting tmr, quite a weird arrangement here, cos no timetables, no instructions provided! No assembly, no recess time, no demerit points, no nothing. you bid for your modules, check the time and place, and make sure you get there.

Really hard to make friends in school too, cos each person's modules are different, no fixed classes, no more classmates like you guys to laugh at, no more people to help me carry my files and bags to econs class, no sitting at canteen to eat tgt or whatever. no hockey too, only inter hall. quite worried its gonna be a lonely place.

but no fear! claryce is here! to brighten up your day. =D give me a call and i'll be there at the next class outing. quick arrange one.

Crazy fireworks crowd, the place was swarming with people like yucks! hope you didnt get squashed shufen! hahaha

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:30 PM

another one!

Crew of 04a04/06| 12:13 AM